Santa Monica, CA (May 20, 2015) – “Remove something from the Internet.” This phrase alone elicits controversy, fear and doubt. Most of the drama in regard to removing something from the Internet, has to do with complicated free speech issues and challenges to standing order and law.

However, underneath all the legal and intellectual turmoil surrounding the issue, are real people who are in emotional distress. This distress is a result of something appearing online about them, or a loved one, which they believe to be invasive, damaging or even dangerous. The presence of unwanted online information can prevent good people from financial prosperity, getting jobs, having relationships or feeling safe and secure.

The success that Infringex has had to date, is not due to any legal arm-twisting, as it’s fairly obvious that our documents are requests for cooperation and its stated all over our website and at the top of our documents, that we are not a law firm. Our users enjoy our services because we aid them by correctly pairing and delivering the request for removal of the objectionable content to the site administrator. Our users also can choose from our documents, the ones that they feel best encompass the potential legal issues surrounding the content in question. These potential issues are typically defamation and privacy concerns. Our documents get noticed and act as a summary presentation for the site administrator to act on. The documents provide the site administrator convenience by including the reason for your request, your name, signature and a link to the content in question.

“The Infringex Effect” occurs when our communications with site administrators results in the indirect removal or omission of the content in question.

An example. A recent site user wanted the adoption records of her child removed from the Indiana state database. Presumably, she believed this to be a privacy issue for her teenage daughter. Although we did not achieve immediate removal regarding this privacy concern as a result of delivering the document on behalf of our client, the State of Indiana provided Infringex pertinent State Agency information for our user to act on.

In another instance, Infringex recently delivered one of our user-selected notices to an online company that indexes court cases. The fact that this particular court case appeared online, was a privacy concern to one of our users, who wished that it would be removed. As a result of our communication with this site administrator, our user was provided with the instructions necessary to facilitate its omission. “The Infringex Effect” was complete when the court documents in question, were thereby blocked from search engines.

Infringex is a content management company concerned about online privacy issues. Our goal is to help consumers everywhere bring objectionable content to the attention of site owners for removal. We allow you to easily assert your rights using our document and delivery services. Infringex is not a law firm and we do not aid our site users in calculating their legal standing, judge or apply the law to their set of circumstances.