Santa Monica, CA (February 10, 2015) – The cries from concerned parents are getting louder and louder and legislation seems overdue to protect the young and vulnerable! Starting at just 13 years of age, teens have a right to own and operate social media pages that render them vulnerable to all kinds of issues.

Kids simply should not be allowed to take those kinds of risks, and they don’t have the experience to understand the dangers.

In most situations, Infringex can facilitate the removal of your child’s social media accounts. There are a variety of attributes specific to each situation. Sometimes the teen would be happy to remove the account and comply with mom and dad, but have simply “lost the password.” Are they telling the truth? Most of the time they are! But with all the many social media accounts, some of them created long ago, it’s easy to forget a password!
In other cases, the teen has the password, but just cannot find the correct link to successfully deactivate the account.

In addition, who can navigate these social media sites anyway? Do you think they make it easy to remove your account and lower their user base, making themselves less attractive to investors and .com takeovers? Of course not!

Our technicians are trained and seasoned professionals at cracking these cases by using email accounts or navigating the site to request a new password for the user. If you and your teen simply do not know how to successfully deactivate the account, we will take care of it for you.

If you have lost the email or password we will communicate with the site owner to recover the account on your behalf, so that it can then be DELETED. We can make mission impossible, POSSIBLE! Need to facilitate the removal of your teens social media page?

Infringex is a content management company concerned about online privacy issues. Our goal is to help consumers everywhere bring objectionable content to the attention of site owners for removal. We allow you to easily assert your rights using our document and delivery services. Infringex is not a law firm and we do not aid our site users in calculating their legal standing, judge or apply the law to their set of circumstances.