(These Questions were asked by Tim Cushing, of techdirt.com and answered on 5/15/2015 by Chief Officer, Marvin Marshall)

1. Without legal backing for your removal requests you send out, do you actually have much success in getting content removed?

Many site administrators do comply with the removal requests. I think we mentioned some of those specifically in our News, Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. We make mention of where we have had successes on our site.

2. What happens if the removal request is ignored? Do customers receive a refund or are they left to pursue other legal options?

If the removal request does not achieve compliance and Infringex is unable to facilitate the removal of the objectionable web content, there is no refund for the user and that is disclosed in our Terms of Use. Upon sending the document to the site owner, we have performed on their behalf and just as in other professions, success can not always be achieved. We are not a law firm and if our services are not successful we encourage our users to seek the advice of a licensed attorney in their area. (see our Disclaimer)

3. For that matter, what is your “hit rate?” How often do these removal requests succeed in comparison to how many are sent?

No, we have not calculated an exact “hit rate” percentage to date. If I had to guess, I would say it’s somewhere around 40%. I think we tend to focus on our successes and achievements as proof positive that our removal requests have a chance to work in almost any situation. Most of the time, it truly depends how “reasonable” the site owner wants to be when the request is coming from someone who truly feels aggrieved.

We don’t publish a “success rate” mainly due to the fact that a lot of time content is removed and we never get notified. Only some of the time do site administrators take the time to write us and notify us that something has been removed.  We have posted some of those site administrator compliance emails here on our site. In regard to an exact success rate, we would have to spend countless hours having our technicians backtracking, doing investigative work to try to come up with some calculations. 40% is my best estimate.

4. In the “News” section of your website, it’s noted that 2015 revenue has grown, as compared to 2014, along with the user base? Do you have any data to share that would back up this claim?

I don’t have any exact figures to make public, but if our company was audited I can guarantee you, that this years revenue has already eclipsed last years. We write news based on facts not fiction!

5. Also from the news: “record revenue” is reported for 2014, but it would also appear that 2014 is the year the business began operation. If I’m mistaken about that, could you provide some information about these “record revenues” as compared to previous years?

Again, I don’t have those exact figures and we are not a public company, but when we mention “record revenue” it means that revenue is at a level higher, than where it was previously, in the timeframe mentioned. We did have limited operations in 2013 when Infringex was conceptualized and was a sole proprietorship.

6. There are a lot of claims made about powers being granted by the USPTO via your company’s trademark registration. Could you explain what powers you feel are vested in a trademark registration, other than to prevent similar businesses from using your registered mark?

The news release dated December 8, 2014 regarding USPTO granting trademark protection; that was an important company milestone and worthy of the mention. That’s all. Do I believe it’s a very good mark? Yes I do.

7. Infringex claims to have meet with advisors from the “Silicone Valley.” Any further information you can provide on who was met with or what firms and when these meetings took place?

If I’m not mistaken I believe the news that you are referring to reads that “infringex engages advisers.” This is a true statement as our company looks for both investment and a new management team to manage and cultivate growth. We have reached out to several firms, here in the Los Angeles area as well and when there is significant news we will post it here. There are countless reasons why someone would want to use our services and continued growth is likely. I’m hoping that the company completes its stated strategic process by the end of the year.


In addition to this Q and A, Infringex has offered to provide Techdirt.com with proof of its recent successes touted on our site and or our social media pages, in the form of compliance emails from site owners, other documentation, or the like. This documentation will prove what many of our users already know, that our services can indeed help facilitate the removal of unwanted content on the Internet.

Infringex is a content management company concerned about online privacy issues. Our goal is to help consumers everywhere bring objectionable content to the attention of site owners for removal. We allow you to easily assert your rights using our document and delivery services. Infringex is not a law firm and we do not aid our site users in calculating their legal standing, judge or apply the law to their set of circumstances.