Why should I pay for services offered by Infringex?

We are a professional content management company concerned about your online privacy. Our services give you the opportunity for a quick and inexpensive resolution to your online issue.

Is it true when reputation management companies tell me that the “only” way to get negative information removed from my Google search results is with a Court Order?

No! Our successes at Infringex are proof that this is an untrue statement intended to get you to spend a ton of money creating new content to bury the negative content. Although a court order may be the only way to remove some content, other items will be deleted by the site administrator(s) or publisher and removed from Google forever. But if they told you about other options, they may not be able to rake in your big bucks! Try Infringex first.

Why can’t I call Infringex? Why doesn’t Infringex have a phone for customers to call in? Should I be concerned about customer service after my purchase?

There is no need to feel concerned. Due to the nature of our business and because we are prohibited from discussing legal issues, it’s managements decision not to take calls. However, rest assured that technicians at Infringex are here waiting to serve you. Whether it’s a question about how our services work or processing your order after your purchase, we will be here to assist you!

What are the most likely possible outcomes? Is it guaranteed?

[See some of our recent successes.]
Unfortunately there is no guarantee, no. However, odds are good, here’s why!
After the site administrator receives our document there are (3) three relatively equal possible outcomes.
1) They will comply with the Infringex Notice which brings the objectionable web content to their attention. In which case Google and other search engines will take up to 30 days to stop indexing and showing the information under your search results.
2) They will not comply with the request but! will instead offer other instructions which will result in its omission. Please read “The Infringex Effect” it’s in our blog section.
3) They will do none of the above in which case you may want to seek the advice of a licensed attourney. (Please see our disclaimer)
So the odds are pretty good, stay positive!

Why have Infringex documents and delivery services worked for so many of its users?

Site administrators remove content after receiving Infringex documents for various reasons. Site administrators can agree that the content includes posting violations or they simply wish to avoid possible conflict. Our documents provide the site administrator convenience by including a link to the content in question, your signed request and your choice of the potential legal issues surrounding the objectionable content.

What does it mean to “remove something from Google”?

Google simply indexes the world’s information. Therefore, Infringex can not just contact Google and ask them to remove it because the item/information needs to be removed at the “publishing level” or at the origination point.

How do I know that infringex.com has delivered my document to the webmaster, poster, blogger or publisher on my behalf?

You will receive an email notification from your assigned technician upon the delivery of your document. Your document will be available for your review and we will remain in contact with you throughout the process.

Can I purchase just one document and expect that Infringex will use the same document to address content issues on multiple sites?

No. Each document purchased shall be processed and sent to the site administrator(s) by the Infringex Team. Each document shall apply to (1) one single URL, web address or hosting site. Only one link is permitted per paid document. This makes sense, because emailing and getting in contact with site administrators on your behalf takes time and costs money.

Why should I pay infringex.com to help me remove something from the Internet?

Infringex documents are designed to give you a quick resolution saving you time and money.

Will I need to provide infringex with some form of ID?

In some cases yes. For example, if you want pages of misinformation removed, such as a bogus Facebook page. Facebook will require that we submit proof of your identification.

How will the webmaster, publisher or poster be able to identify the exact information or web content that I want removed?

Once you choose your document on our services page, you will be able to add the URL for the content in question as you docusign your document. In many cases, we don’t need the exact URL and we can easily find the content in question that you want removed. However, it is often necessary.

Once you fill out your document and submit, your infringex.com team will be in close email contact with you.

How do I know that infringex.com will give me an opportunity for a quick resolution by removing something from the Internet that I don’t like and is upsetting me?

Infringex.com documents give you the opportunity to resolve your situation short of legal proceedings. There are two advantages you gain by purchasing documents from us. First, you gain access to the type of language that works. This is the sort of language that gets the attention of webmasters and publishers. Secondly, and equally important, is in the delivery of the document. The document must arrive at the correct destination so that it is viewed and acted upon. infringex.com takes care of both the document and delivery on your behalf.

How long does it take to have the Internet content or webpage removed?

This is the exciting part! If the webmaster, poster, blogger or publisher is reasonable, then it can literally be ordered for removal the same day.

Is it safe for me to enter my credit card information on the infringex.com site?

Absolutely. All transactions on infringex.com are processed using our highly secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate. This protects your information by encrypting the data during transmission from your computer to our server. An SSL is the standard for strong website security.

How will I know when my payment to infringex.com has been successfully processed?

After your successful purchase on infringex.com you will be taken to our confirmation page confirming your transaction. Shortly afterwards you will automatically receive an email receipt with the instructions to complete your document. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes of your purchase, please check your spam, bulk or junk mail folders.

Is it possible that I will need to hire a lawyer to help me protect my rights?

Yes. There are some site owners/publishers who for whatever reason are looking for a fight. Many will gladly comply and/or steer clear of any trouble and will cooperate once they receive the infringex.com document.