Some of our peers in the industry claim that there is no way to remove negative search results without getting a Court Order. This is NOT ALWAYS TRUE (see some of our recent successes) and is just their excuse to get you to spend thousands of dollars to create new content and “bury” the negative content. If you have negative content showing up on your Google search results you owe it to yourself to give Infringex a try and potentially save yourself a ton of time and money!

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Infringex documents facilitate the removal of Internet Content!

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Anywhere objectionable content appears about you or your company, allows consumers to easily assert their rights. Don’t be infringed upon by inaccurate, untrue, exaggerated or false information appearing online about you. Demand that the information be removed immediately!

Take control of how you look to others on the Internet.
Get relief from objectionable content using documents from

More small businesses, individuals and family members are effected by and need help with Internet rights issues, than any other legal issue nationwide. Has somebody said something bad, exaggerated, retaliatory or untrue about you or your business on the Internet?